Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Hey everyone! It's been awhile (like almost 3 months). We have been very busy teaching these awesome people here in Mexico. Most are so humble and know right off that our church is true. They feel the spirit and want to be baptised. The main thing that holds them back is that they aren't married! It costs so much here to get married and they don't have the money to do it. But we're working with them and we know the Lord will provide a way.

I have a year now in the mission. Now that I don't have to learn a new language, it's just straight up teaching! I love this work and I love being here! I'll post some pics soon.


Ang and Shawn said...

from the emails it sounds like kevin & bryce's missions are very similar. He seems like a great missionary. Post pics!

PS Kev told me his release date is dec 30 but we think he is lying. . . because it is a random day and because that would be missing 3 christmases. I will let you know when we get his official itinerary (:

Ang and Shawn said...

we got his release date. . . he will be flying into slc at I think 1Pm on dec 31st.