Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July!!!

Hi everyone! I got transferred to Frontera, Tobasco last month. My comp is Elder Hernandez from Mexico City. He's sweet. We get along great! Frontera is alot smaller than Carmen. We're the only two missionaries here so we're busy all the time. Of course, Mexico doesn't celebrate the 4th of July but for me it was the best 4th ever! We had 3 Baptisms Saturday - Miguel, Abigail and Hanner. yeah - it was sweet!
I would like everyone who reads this to help my comp. and I out this month by praying that we can be led to find families who are ready to accept the gospel. Most couples here aren't married because it's so expensive. They just live together and have kids so when it comes to accepting the gospel and marriage, they lose interest because they are overwhelmed about the expense. Please pray for us to be led to those who are ready and able to be baptised. I love you all! -Elder Harris

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Ang & Shawn said...

Keep up the posting. . . I read them! I miss Bryce and the boys so much. My parents house is not the same at all! Bryce seems like his is doing awesome! We love you Bryce!