Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Times at the MTC

My Companion (Elder Jackson) and I

Members of my District

Elder Ivie is so strong!

I do 1,000 of these every night!

"May the FORCE be with you!"
Elder Cherry and I

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Awesome Experience!

Hi everyone! Sorry it has taken me awhile to get settled in here. I had the most awesome experience this week in the R.C. (where people call for info about the church and for free Bibles and stuff). Anyway, a lady called in and said she was in a tough spot in her life and that she was praying and the commercial from our church came on. So she called for the free bible! I told her I would send one to her and she was so happy. I asked if the missionaries could deliver it and she said yes! I told her that God loved her and that the message she would receive was true. She said I sounded so young and that it was amazing that I knew so much. She asked me why I wanted to be a missionary and I told her I wanted to bring happiness to people's lives so that they could be happy like me. I testified to her again that God loves us and she was crying like crazy! The Spirit was there! I asked her if she prayed often and she said she did. I read her James 1:5 and told her to ask God about our message and she promised that she would. It was so awesome!