Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Awesome Experience!

Hi everyone! Sorry it has taken me awhile to get settled in here. I had the most awesome experience this week in the R.C. (where people call for info about the church and for free Bibles and stuff). Anyway, a lady called in and said she was in a tough spot in her life and that she was praying and the commercial from our church came on. So she called for the free bible! I told her I would send one to her and she was so happy. I asked if the missionaries could deliver it and she said yes! I told her that God loved her and that the message she would receive was true. She said I sounded so young and that it was amazing that I knew so much. She asked me why I wanted to be a missionary and I told her I wanted to bring happiness to people's lives so that they could be happy like me. I testified to her again that God loves us and she was crying like crazy! The Spirit was there! I asked her if she prayed often and she said she did. I read her James 1:5 and told her to ask God about our message and she promised that she would. It was so awesome!


Bryce!!! said...

I love you Bryce! That's only the first of all the spiritual experiences you're going to have the next two years! You're doing great and we're so proud of you!
Love, Mom

Lorraine said...

Cool! This is awesome. Many more will follow. Keep up the good work. Love you!! Lorraine

The Watsons said...

That's so awesome! It gave me chills just reading it! Just think of all the other experiences you will have, there will be too many to count! We Love You!