Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ince's Baptism!

Ince got baptised on Friday, April 24th. We went to the church to fill the font that morning and the power was out so we're like 'Ummm, what do we do?' So we called abut 30 people and no one could help us so we called the zone leaders and they started filling their font and then we had to call the members and tell them where the Baptism would be so both of us were calling and we were really busy. Also, we didn't have ANY money for a bus or taxi to get to the other chapel but then my comp found some money in his bag that he didn't know about so we took a taxi to get Ince and then went to the chapel. But not one member was there so we were like we can't have a Baptism without 2 witnesses or members to show support. That is just crappy. But then some other Elders showed up with an investigator they have been teaching who wanted to see a Baptism and it turns out she is Ince's aunt! It was crazy! Then other members came and I got to Baptise her and everything turned out OK. It was awesome! I'll send pictures of Ince next week. Chau!

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