Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mexico delayed!

Hi everyone! Our VISAs did not arrive and therefore our flight to Mexico has been delayed until the 24th (hopefully). It's all good though because we're busy teaching and working in the RC. My comp and I are zone leaders now. It keeps us from having too much time to dwell on our delay. Please pray for our VISAs! -Elder Harris

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Ang & Shawn said...

oh, poor bryce. please bless the visas come soon! we sent him a nice package today. i hope it cheers him up! i had the craziest dream last night that curtis and i were on a mission to mexico and went to visit bryce and he was "done" being in mexico. and we were trying to talk him into finishing out his mission because he had 6 months left. but he was like "no guys, i'm done i'm going to go jump the fence and run back to america" so he started running and the gaurds at the fence shot him in the back! but he was okay and he kept running. sorry that was so random. we all miss and love bryce!!!